Well, the tour for me started with a duffle bag, half a dozen T-shirts, two pair of jeans and a beautiful, green-eyed angel to keep me company, on the first leg of my own personal little crusade to finally meet the man (seems too inconsequential a word to describe the legend that is Kris Kristofferson) himself.

On the advice of my Facebook friends, one and all, I have decided to self publish a book of poetry/songs as my ego has grown to the size of a grapefruit from all the kind words encouragement and favourable reviews I’ve received for both my additions to the Kristofferson Discussion page and my attempt at compiling a less than professional CD containing songs I’d written due the inspiration of Kris himself and other factors that have had a  lasting effect on my own personal lifes journey. So I decided to send a draft of the book to the Kris venue in Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

We arrived a day early, so as to be relaxed and enjoy the concert the following night. Coincidentally, while searching out the cheapest of hotel prices (recession in mind) I unwittingly chose the Hotel that the concert was being held in.

Imagine my delight when this information kicked in and the brain turned to thinking, Oh God, maybe he’s booked in here!!!

So as any good stalker would do I started hanging around the top floor (where the class hang out) away from the great unwashed, namely me. It appeared after a couple of hours that the great man wasn’t staying there. Evidently, the receptionist wasn’t taking the proverbial after all, so with great relief to my long suffering sweetheart, we retired for the night.

The following day was full of excitement, on my part anyways and  the upcoming concert couldn’t come about quick enough.

That evening, we settled in at the bar, awaiting and watching for the oddest or strangest of Kris fans, apart from myself. I spied a bunch of kids, a group of four, twenty to thirty years of age at the most and this intrigued me. So sidling up next to them, pushing Lindy first so I didn’t appear too pervy. I asked, “Who’s the Kris fan?” Turns out both brothers, local lads were fans and they put the blame squarely on their mom who still is and would remain so, seats closer to the stage later on, a lifelong fan of Kris.

So they told me they were subjected to Sunday Morning Coming Down, not only on Sundays but at least twice daily on each of the weekdays as well, all through their childhood and adolescence. Eventually, nurturing a new breed of genetically designed Kristofferson fan that stood before me in all their T-shirted Kris Tour 2008 grandeur. I was impressed, ‘cos as the openly admitted themselves, “He’s not bad to listen to when there’s nothin’ else playin’ here!”

The concert started out with a holler of appreciation, as the man arrived on time and looking fit, as he always does. A spring in his step as he rushes out to take in the ‘high’ of an appreciative audience.

I think, personally, this is the fix that a performer of Kris’ quality can’t let go of and so will go on playing to fans ’til he can play no more. Though knowing his resolve, commitment and work etiquette, to pass over doing what he loves is possibly one of the most honourable deeds that he would commend a fellow worker in song for doing.

The range of songs went through most of his old familiar favourites. Sunday Morning Coming Down, Me & Bobby Mc Gee, Duvaliers Dream and my own personal favourite, To Beat The Devil, to the rarely sung The Junky  The Juicehead & Me. Including songs from the ‘To The Bone’ album, which are truthful, melancholy soul-searchingly beautiful pieces of literature, as well as damn good, undeniable, I got something to say, so listen pieces. A fans point of view…maybe!

Though we had the farthest back of seats, South wall, we still enjoyed the show and I surprised myself by realizing I knew all the lyrics to each song sung, which is a revelation when I couldn’t normally tell you what I’d eaten for dinner, yesterday.

We had a blast, as the lads we’d met earlier were seated two rows closer to the stage. Their lady friends, too busy reapplying their makeup, to take notice of the boyfriends checking out the available talent, in high heels, cowboy boots and Kris T-shirts in front of them, and it felt good to hear them sing along to Me & Bobby Mc Gee when it came on.

The concert was ‘Fabulous’ as ever, Kris delivered in spades and sang three or so additional songs at the end of the scheduled event.

But, I left wondering if the great man had gotten the draft of my soon to be famous book? Had the post been slow? Had kris arrived late and not had the time to peruse it? Or worse,did he think nothing of it?


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