Aoibhas Canadian Adventure and a very large CavaTzu !

Hey guys! We’ve been travelling in our car for twelve hours from Banff to the beautiful town on Jasper. I have got some amazing pictures of the scenery and wait until you see the last ones! You’re in for a surprise! Yes! We got to see a bear and we literally had four seasons in […]

via The Town Of Jasper  — Aoibha Walsh



How can we guide our children right
When no goals end is in our sight
As our faults they show on the final mile
Have we turned our backs on Heavens smile
Which way is up which way is down
A bubble in a bottle a tear-stained clown
A cork in the ocean as we stray too far
Nearing journeys end with no guiding star
Each time you leap for to scale that wall
And the Devil smiles just to see you fall
What good a parent who has lost his way
A flockless sheep a wayward stray
Your fall from grace was a rapid one
Like a crippled crow who's race is run
Never walked the line on the straight and narrow
Trading chains of hope for chains of sorrow
Indelible truths on a soul you've stained
Does the lead you've lost beat the lead you've gained
Will a veil of tears cement your fate
While a rotting corpse lies in mournful state
We wait to hear His words be spoken
Our faith we bear our only token
For a way to clear a path to open
As nails to rust our crosses broken

The Children

Leave me the hell alone she cries
Inside her aching head
I've had much more than I can take 
Sometimes I feel I'm dead
Oh shepherd don't your flock forsake 
Alone on Calvarys Hill
How much can a body take 
When your mind has had its fill
A light so bright and hopeful
A picture perfect birth
A world of wonder, laid before
This seedling of the earth
To nurture's but a wistful dream
A momentary lapse
A father wrapped up in himself
A mom lost in her past
Can harm I do while wishing
The Angels gentle hands
Embrace this failing empty shell
This web of empty strands
A love of love itself it seems
Of passion and desire
Turns Sailors into monsters
And Mothers into liars
What makes a wonder wonderful
What makes a blessing blessed
'Tis you alone we come to know
When not so self- obsessed
Lord, help us not to lose your light
And wallow in the dirt
And help instead to nurture
All we're given at our birth
A wish alone can guide us
If truth is what we seek
Protect the weak and hungry
The burdened and the meek
Lord, make me strong enough to show
The children in my care
Their path is guided by your light
Their Souls are in your care

Fly, Baby Fly

Crawl Baby, Crawl Baby
Scribble on that Wall, Baby
Society's Chains aren't meant for you
Stand Straight and stand up Tall
I'll Stop your Fall
Run Baby, Run Baby
Your Heart is like the Sun Baby
It Warms the Earth around you
And it Answers to no-one
Your Time's Begun
Fly Free One Fly
Your Trail will Rip the Sky
Your Name will Shine in Lights someday
Up where the Eagles Fly
And Daddy'll Cry
Dance Baby Dance Baby
Seize your every Chance Baby
Don't let 'em say "it can't be done"
Go leave 'em in a Trance
Dance Baby Dance
Soar Baby Soar Baby
To a far off Distant Shore, Baby
Have 'em Follow you, to Heavens Gate
And leave 'em wantin' more
Soar Baby Soar
Love Baby Love Baby
A Gift from God above Baby
The Greatest Gift Mankind can Claim
Surrounds you like a Glove
Love Baby Love
             Chorus  to fade

Song for Aoibha, my baby girl...age 5

Fairytales, Angels & Cuddles

What would we do without Cuddles 
They help us to get out of muddles 
When we're feelin' down, they replace a frown 
And they fill us so full of Love Bubbles 

Beethoven, Sparkles and Lulu 
Far greater than anything Tragic 
Eeyore, T-T-Tigger and Pooh 
In Dreams that are filled full of Magic 

Angels are made for believin' 
Even if we've never seen them 
They mind us at night, when we shut our eyes tight 
And they help the Dream Fairies to Weave them 

The first poem I ever wrote for my little girl Aoibha xxx
She inspired me to write poetry and I inspired her to write books
A very proud dad . . .