How can we guide our children right
When no goals end is in our sight
As our faults they show on the final mile
Have we turned our backs on Heavens smile
Which way is up which way is down
A bubble in a bottle a tear-stained clown
A cork in the ocean as we stray too far
Nearing journeys end with no guiding star
Each time you leap for to scale that wall
And the Devil smiles just to see you fall
What good a parent who has lost his way
A flockless sheep a wayward stray
Your fall from grace was a rapid one
Like a crippled crow who's race is run
Never walked the line on the straight and narrow
Trading chains of hope for chains of sorrow
Indelible truths on a soul you've stained
Does the lead you've lost beat the lead you've gained
Will a veil of tears cement your fate
While a rotting corpse lies in mournful state
We wait to hear His words be spoken
Our faith we bear our only token
For a way to clear a path to open
As nails to rust our crosses broken

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