The Cold Cusp War

Had to Re-Blog this one . . .

Aoibha Walsh

via Daily Prompt: Cusp

The roads diverged at the end of a scenario

Showing that everything was over

The air was crisp, the mountains bliss

Underneath the grass and clover

The gunshots were heard from across the water

Each family, holding close their son and daughter

The ear splitting noise began to seep

“Let this be over soon,” The soldiers weep

Heaven above heard their cry

No longer did they have to suffer and die

The war was over, the remnants shocked

Yet no more were called cowards and mocked

It was the end of a cusp war

No one knew what the fighting was for

Told it would be over four Christmases  ago

Yet no, they remained fighting friend and foe.

I wrote this thinking about the two major wars that took part less than 100 years ago. I also had an interest in learning about the war and…

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