My Living Soul

At the dawning of time

When not even ‘light’ had a presence

He said, “Let there be light”

And the Earth was consumed in its essence

The darkness was fractured

As daylight held it at bey

The darkness, He named it, the Night

And the light he called Day


He formed all of Earth

He divided the lands from the seas

The most beautiful flora and fauna

A treasure of fruits and of trees

A myriad of stars, to watch over His flock

Signs from the Heavens, a celestial clock


The birds and the animals

All creatures and fishes

He, filled up the seas

And a world full of wishes

The most wondrous of beasts

Of the land, sea and air

With scales and with tails

And with feathers and hair


Now, I shall make ‘man’ in my image

With power over death and o’er birth

From the creatures that live in the oceans

In the air, on the land, in the dirt

Man will feed and will clothe, from these bounties

He will grow, in his civilization

For ‘he’ is the pick of My crop

The fruits of My fondest creation


The Heavens and earth, now are plenished

Creation has taken its toll

The seventh day, now I am rested

Mankind, is My Own, Living Soul


For Martha L Shaw . . . Hope you like this one !


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