Middle Child Cyndrum

        chapter 1

                                        what it feels like


hi my name is Aoife and I suffer from the one and only the middle child sindrum it is when you are the middle child and you obviously have to do everything and i have this little sister chloe she is like the most spoiled child in the family and all i have is clothes well a bit more! One day chloe started balling and yes i had to sort her out it took me like half an hour. middle child sindrum sucks, also when I was out with my friends Kasie and Kirsty yeah i bet your guessing they are twins yes they are anywayi was  hanging around my estate woodgrave my mom called me from a mile awayto help out with chloe i got so embarrised i wish i was older than my brother John the he would suffer from middle child sindrum tee hee! I am going to .L.A. in a couple of weeks and i really do not   want to go because i will probably get the talk off my mom like “do this do that oh yeah do the chores” that is one thing i hate CHORES they last for hours, Kasie and Kirsty are the middle children but their life rocks they do not feel like me i wish i were them you know like be them as in just do what they do and go to cool places without your mom wanting you to help with the babies all they do is cry all day and do you know what is disguisting but i had to do it… … change her pooey nappy it was disguisting and did i mention smell omg it was like torture i am never doing that again well i guess i definitely will if i get forced into but trust me that will be months away…. i hope! It is now 3.30 and yes lunch is served “mom what is this mushroom soup your favourite” she replied “no mom how many times do i have to say i hate mushroom soupit tastes like i guess Chloe’s nappy eewww, well my teacher miss bony pants said that if you taste something 100 times it taste betterbut i think that was an excuse just to get me eating mushroom soup!


this is chapter one of my little 8 year old girls story middle child cyndrum is it just pride in my daughters efforts or is this a truly wonderful insightful little girl….Love the bones of her and I am so proud ….story rewritten warts and all by dad typed with one finger and without the graphics she posted …chapter 2 to be released soon…

                                                  chapter 2

“That soup is gorgeous” I said trying to keep her happy “Thanks baby I am guessing you might want more” I gasped I was shocked so I said quickly “No I am stuffed” But no she didn’t fall for it and gave me another full bowl. So yes I was torchered again and then said “Honey coronation street is on when I come back in I want that soup gone” “OK mom I will” after she went in I couldn’t think what to do but then I had an idea i could throw in my dogs bowl my dog Jasper would do anything for food i ran to Jasper and said Here boy is some food” he quickly ran over and licked the bowl empty “Good boy Jasper” after that I quickly ran over to the dishwasher and just in time momcame in “is your soup gone”  Thinking she would notice I soon had to reply “Yes mom it is in the dishwasher” I was guessing she taught I might have vomited on the table the way she looked at the table and then me “You don’t have a temperature do you because you hardly ever finish your mushroom soup” I had to smile it was so funny when she said it “Where is the thermoniter” They are the only things I hate they are so round it tastes like there is a bug in your mouth unfortunately I had to take it “Hmm 36.5 normal are you sure you are ok” “OMG mom how many times do I have to say yes “Steady there you don’t wanna go to your bedroom do you” I soon began to shut up I hate having time outs they are another thing I hate besides thermoniters!!!! As I said thermoniters taste like a cricket is in your mouth !! “Mom I am going out with Kasie and Kirsty” Before I could even touch the door handle she said “Steady on there help with Chloes nappy she has diarrhoea” I never taught I would be caught in this again so Isaid that I forgot to do the chores but no she was to smart for that, “Mom why does John never do this” “Because he is out at the moment” “Oh I said trying to be pleased!!!  …..

     ……      chapter 2 unedited, written by miss Aoibha Walsh who started on her diabetes pump this Monday 10/11/14    ……

Written by my little bgirl Aoibha at seven and a half years of age . . .  Batim ver batim, warts and all . . . Feeling Proud!


6 thoughts on “Middle Child Cyndrum

  1. Aoibha and Peter…this surely explains the talent and sophistication we’re seeing now. What a talent! And I’d say that Aoibha has the flame (or as we say here, “the fire in the belly”). You should BOTH be proud! I don’t have a blog but I know Zoe will reblog this! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha ha Zoe Warts are imperfections but a beautiful feline like yourself will have none … so no need to trouble yourself on that score . . . xx Have a meowlingly great day !”!!


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