The Oncoming Rain

Good morning my Sweetheart

Although you’ve got nothing to gain

Your love is as sure as the imminent oncoming rain

Wipe sleep from your wakening eyes

And prepare for the oncoming day

With needles and diets and timetables

No respite nor no time to delay


From pains in your tummy

And bloods taken throughout the night

I wonder at all how you manage to love me in spite

Of the pains you go through

You’ve a heart brimming so full of love

No remorse nor self pity

You’re my Princess my Angel my Dove


Though life can be cruel

And at times it can seem so unfair

The tolls that we pay and the burdens oft’ too great to bear

I’d lay down my life

And all that I’ve left that’s worth giving

To grant you a wish and afford you

A life that’s worth living



Wrote this one for my Little Princess, not long after she was diagnosed with Type 1  diabetes . . .

She is a brave, little fighter and excels in everything she does . . .


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