The Kris Tour… The Inec Chapter

The Killarney tour started with a 2 hour drive to the INEC centre.  The company on the journey was my younger sister Sandy and her friend and neighbour Antoinette. Oh! and the Essential Kris Kristofferson CD… Two devout Fans a lifetime apiece. The sister blames me for getting her addicted …LOL.

We arrived in plenty of time. Had a beer or two in the bar and proceeded to the venue. The seating arrangement was great six rows back from the stage he could hear us as well as we hear him. The sisters first concert ever and the enthusiasm showed. A volley of Kris favourites later and the break snuck up on us in no time at all.

             The break found me at the stall where Blake and Johnny were again peddling the Kris memorabilia a lot less stocked than the former concerts. Signs of a good tour. At the desk chatting with the Lads who were well used to me at this stage I had the notion to get the Lads to sign, autograph the Kris pic from the album To the Bone..I had again brought with me. Why not . . . it would be different. . . and besides they were great kids. They both signed after Johnny complained that his writing was shit . . . lol. Hope Mom ain’t reading. With this in mind, I asked Blake if he would try get an autograph of his Dad if at all possible. I would wait up after the concert for the pic . .  .signed or not!

He being the obliging Kid that he was …a family trait, he said he’d see what he could do. Imagine it . . . Three Kristoffersons, Johnny, Blake and Kris . . . all on the same Pic. Too much to ask for??

Part two was as inspiring and personal as the first half. What a performer…nothing lacking in his delivery. Oh to be like that at 74 . . . Hell, if I make 74,  wouldn’t I be the happy one.The Performance ended with the usual . . . additional encore and a few extra songs leaving the audience wanting for nothing!!!

But hey I knew the end of the show so making a beeline front and centre, I happened to make the stage at his finish.  Apparently pleased with himself, Kris leaned over and shook hands with a number of fans, Me being one And my sister another . . . what a first concert ever . . . He looked happy to have met me . . . lol.                                                     After his failed three previous efforts. What a night, Mana from Heaven.

I exited quickly after that trying to get to the C.D. booth, that the Lads were selling from. No one there, so I settled in for a while.   Half an hour passed and still no show . . . obviously the Boys had enough to do, they weren’t no slackers.  Hell they were Kristoffersons.  Three quarters of an hour later and my two travelling companions having mopped the drink spillage from the carpet .(only kidding guys) . . . I told myself a few more minute.s Having just decided on that A young lady approached me and said “You are the guy that Blake was talking to earlier” and handed me the Kris pic . . . folded over.

Breath held and rapidly opening it up I realised it had been signed By the Man himself WOW  Three Kristoffersons Dad and two kids . . . I felt ten feet tall, what a catch Worth the wait worth the four concerts, worth any and all effort it took to see Kris the man and the legend, the best feeling ever.  Paydirt, it was all I could have imagined and I was walking on air.  Singing all the Kris faves all the way home . . . shattered, but Ecstatic  Roll on next year . . . X


Peter Walsh . . .  A Fan


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