How different we are from Eastern philosophy where to live a simple uncomplicated life is a noble achievement. As opposed to Western philosophy, where to attain fame and remain on a pedestal is the goal of most. Is it through the self-realization of an overburdened populace that a people seek what surely is a more realistic achievement, that which therefore gives them their goal. There are a thousand factors I suppose each one over millenia infusing and embedding the ideals in the psyche of either peoples. The indoctrination of communism and indeed capitalism in the minds of the impressionable young.

Religion filling the needs of the vanquished, the down-trodden, those without hope. While providing, fundamentally, something glorious and exalting becomes another tool, mankind can use to argue, fight over and kill each other. Does a religion not become anti-religious if it causes pain, grief, loss, harm and death to someone whose religion is different from theirs and not only the extremes of the Islamic state but Christianity, to name but two, have also been the cause of many, many lives lost.

I wonder sometimes where the separation from soul/spirit and body begins, the infant born is a beautifully innocent presence. The soul, in my humble opinion, is as apparent in the eyes of the infant as night turns to day, but somewhere along the way is oft’ lost or sleeping as we ‘progress’ on our path to old age. Is it, as in some cases, a life of excess burdens and weakens the body and the soul in tandem rebels also? The physicality of coping, is a greater counterweight than that which would be food for the soul.

I firmly believe in the presence of both body and soul/spirit and sometimes when the spirit is burdened to the extreme wonder if hanging in there for the sake of the body ‘the physical’ is worth the effort. Perhaps those choosing the transition from physical to the spiritual should not be blackened nor condemned as weak and lost. I do not believe in the ‘sin’ of extracting the physical from the present to be a mortal sin, as there in my eyes is no ‘sin’ beyond redemption if such an event were to take place then God would understand…

I am one of the lucky ones whereby the cloak of darkness ‘depression’ is an eternal argument and  have the faith to believe in better things to come, if not for ones self then for ones children and soulful partners. Therefore I ne’er condone nor celebrate such an act, as suicide, but say there, but for the grace of God go I…



SIGNED:   a frail, fallible, strong, purposeful, creation of the Almighty, awaiting better days to come !!!



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