The Devil To Pay

You better pay heed to the Devil and give the man His dues

He’s been around a long time now He’s even made the news

Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, you name it He’s been there

Katrina came in waves of pain and stripped the naked bare


Global warming, new age dawning, He holds all the aces

He forms the plans of Presidents, His form takes many faces

His truths are lies, unholy ties, to satiate the thirst

You’ll run His race of greed and hate and God knows He’ll come first


The Reich had flown His colours, Genghis rode His steed

On Jesus flesh the cat did flail and left His soul to bleed

A crown of thorns, or Satans horns is the choice He lays upon us

His trick is to remain unseen, as He daily walks among us


His numbers rise among us, 18 and 666

They gather at the meeting place, to score the Devils fix

A House of White, a heart of black, power no one man should hold

The jury sits in chamber, shall mankind be forced to fold


Oh Tiber, Father Tiber to whom the Romans pray

A Child of Light sits balanced, on the scales of dark decay

The clarity of reason lies drowning in your sea

As nations gather armies ‘IN JOYOUS RAPTURE HE’


From dawn of time to present day, religious cradles shook

“Under every rock you’ll find Me” If you care to look

“Not in My name” Jesus cries as they squeeze His tortured soul

While at His feet the Devil holds, His bloodstained begging bowl


What is next? What remains of the scraps from the Jackals table

Can Christ redeem us, or the Devil claim us, or is love indeed a fable

The moon is full, the tide is high, the wolves they walk among us

The innocent scream “The End is Nigh” as the vultures prey upon us



My shot at metaphysical poetry . . . hope ol’ John Donne would approve . . .


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