ONLY TIME WILL TELL (The Mocking Bird)

Are you one who has danced with the Devil by chance or by choice

Are you quick to obey all the orders of each masters voice

Repeating the lives of our fathers while blinded by faith

Expectant of love and forgiveness for lifes mistakes we make


We live in a time where the blind are still leading the strong

Are the righteous, self righteous enough to be righteously wrong

Excuse is the “Crutch” that we’re human, exempt from perfection

Will that be the cross that we bear when we’re faced with rejection


Are those passing before us the wiser for passing at all

Are the heights that we reach for in life our reason to fall

Is there peace of the mind or the spirit in Heaven or Hell

Does sin linger, eternally damning…a putrescent smell


Does the human within us insist that we make lifes mistakes

As we wrestle our conscience the innocent lie in our wake

Should we wish for forgiveness or wallow…Only Time Will Tell

When it’s too late for unanswered questions…Will the Mocking Bird Yell


What is left as humanity waits on the last curtain call

Shall we rise to the Heavens above as the last Angels fall

Will our wonder be wonder alone that the Heavens replace

Shall we plunge to the depths of despair even further from grace


Does time fly on wings that will heal the broken and damned

Will faith be the cure for the festering wounds in His hands

No redemption for those admitting we’re wrong and afraid

Destroying the beauty around us in the nightmares we’ve made


Lord help us repent now we’re dreadfully lost and alone

No chance for to change, does our future lie written in stone

Can we change who we are, can we change that which tears us apart

Are we wasting our time, are the children alone pure of heart


Was Jesus shown human while losing His temper …seems odd

Is it sinful to think that we’re made in the likeness of God

Is each personal quest less important, less noble to call

Than those that lay prone at the foot of the Wailing Wall

You decide for yourselves …but for me




More metaphysical poetry . . . too vague! I wonder?


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