Gods Holy War

Oh! Sleep come claim me, for thine own

My mind it wanders, far and deep

To distant lands and shores unknown

Far beyond this castle keep


To fight for God on land and tide

To make the heathen understand

My kindred brethren at my side

A Christian vow a sword in hand


Their foreign tongues and ritual chants

Oh! Lord they know not what they do

Forgive them Lord their ignorance

Their demi-gods they falsely woo


God grant me strength to bare the proof

From those that practice to deceive

Sins of the flesh and cloven hoof

Oh! What a tangled web they weave


‘Tis only death and death alone

Will cleanse the soul and purge the mind

As rabid dogs tear flesh from bone

The will of God, His axe they grind


The Devils work must ne’er be done

Cross not our path nor bar our way

The Lord our God thy will be done

The Judas tree will rock and sway


No equal nowhere on this earth

Cruel deeds to shame Marquis De Sade

While crimson tides infuse the dirt

Our just and Holy Lords Crusade


For Hell I’ve seen and made my own

Grant e my Lord my endless sleep

What Devils deeds and seeds we’ve sown

In Christs own name how He must weep



And how He weeps . . .  War, savagery and death, in the name of religion! Is never righteous at all, in fact it is anti-religious . . .


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