From Cradle To Grave

At Gabriels feet, weighted down by the wages of sin

As the last Angel falls, the fight for mankind will begin

Should we cower and kneel for forgiveness, our only request

Or stand shoulder to shoulder, believing humanity’s blessed


Will a Christ rise among us, embracing the lost and the lame

As we huddle in silence, tattooed by the scars of our shame

It’s been a lifetime since you’ve held the desire to forgive

And longer again since, you’ve known what it feels like to live


Well friend I have travelled that road and I wish you Gods-speed

A world that is fed by its ego, is devoured by its greed

When the tempest has gone and we’re stood in the eye of the storm

Will you offer your hand to a brother – a keeping him warm


Life’s but a passing of time, we’ve been waiting to kill

We’ve pushed to the limit’s, the patience of Gods Holy Will

Do you swear in all conscience, your conscience is crystal and clear

Now you’re empty inside, with no room for salvation nor fear


When desire determines the life you’ve been longing to lead

And your conscience is coloured, by only the will to succeed

Will you climb on the shoulders of others, subdued by the pain

Will you fall on your feet, or your back, will it drive you insane


As eternity falls, to the flickering light of the flame

You’ll wait with the patience of Job, ‘til He calls out your name

Has it gone as you’ve planned, now there’s only the children to save

Has It been all you’ve ever imagined …from Cradle to Grave



More metaphysical poetry . . .





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