You Will Be The One

It’ll be alright

He heard her say

As he drowns in doubt

A world away

Can’t you hear me love

Don’t you know I care

I will find you love

Find you anywhere


When your race is run

And your body’s cold

You will be the one

That I long to hold

I will lay me down

On this open road

When you’re burdened dear

I will share your load


So return to me

Let me be your light

Let me guide you dear

Through your starless night

Let me wash your feet

In my bowl of tears

Let my love curtail

All your earthly fears


You will be the one

It’ll be alright

I will keep you safe

Keep you warm at night

In your darkest hour

I will give my time

We will face the world

With your hand in mine

When the day is done…

You will be the one…



Another song I’ve written for Lindy…

Rob Orr sings and plays this one beautifully.


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