What If…


WHAT IF…the world weren’t broken

And mankind loved each other

No poison words were spoken

And brother loved his brother

WHAT IF…the wealth of Nations

Was loosened from the greedy

Prised from their groping fingers

And shared among the needy

WHAT IF…the Vaticans Secrets

Were spilled among its minions

Or the ‘Churches Coffers’ opened

For the starving, in their millions

WHAT IF…the sick and lonely

The tortured and the lost

Were first in line for ‘charity’

Regardless of the cost

WHAT IF…King Solomons wisdom

Was in every human being

Would each of us gaze at their lives

And wonder what they’re seeing

WHAT IF…the ‘chains of bondage’

Were swapped for ‘chains of daisies’

Would it really be that silly

Would it really be that crazy

WHAT IF…the childrens nursery rhymes

Again, will come to pass

Prophetic visions show themselves

As mankind breathes its last

WHAT IF…countries worked together

Each caring for their people

Uncoerced by each nation

Misguided, sightless ‘sheeple’

WHAT IF…the well-stocked Bunkers

Of our ‘fearless world-wide leaders’

Keep their worthless lives in ‘trust’

Each lowly bottom-feeder

WHAT IF…a ‘Christ’ is Risen

And walking in our midst

Would we even notice

He ever did exist

WHAT IF…a Change of Heart

Left us a love eternal

                                   And Peace alone prevailed

                                    Not Hell on Earth Infernal

Inspired by the movie RISEN…


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