Kris Tour Olympia Chapter 2

The opportunity to avail of another night in the company of Kris having presented itself, in the form of a spare ticket I purchased off Samantha, the night before (God Bless her, was too much to turn down. So in preparation for the night ahead, now knowing I had a medium between me and Kris, his sons Blake and johnny. I set off into town with the intention of buying some fancy note paper and a card big enough to fit in a C.D. I had made a couple years back with the songs I had written myself recorded on it. Raw and Uncut…lol and hoping the Garth Brooks song included, wouldn’t upset his delicate disposition …lol.

            This achieved and having purchased A Lady Antebellum C.D. also (big fan of “I need you Now”) I took myself down to The Ha’penny Bridge for a cold one and set up in a quiet corner… ever… one ear cocked for any craic goin’ on,  while writing my card.

That done it was close to opening time at the Olympia and while makin’ my way there I chanced on meeting Samantha at a corner near the Olympia. After saying Hello and enquiring whether she was going to the olympia bar, the infamous “Maureens” for a drink before the show as arranged the night before. She informed me in a peculiarly “coy” manner that she was waiting for Lisa.

Having met Samantha only the night before, I took this as being part of her personality, and not wanting to take up anymore of her time I bid her a farewell…Having taken three or so steps away from her, everything hit me…..’ like a freight train’ ….’there was no ” Lisa” in our company last night’…..’she was peculiarly coy’…..’ she looked like she had a mission’…..’and the only ” Lisa”  I knew of was, Lisa Kristofferson… Kris’ wife…..could it be. I turned on my heels and asked her a big beam on my face …and indeed it was Lisa she was meeting. Samantha agreed to pass on my Note, C.D. inclusive …with the additional Garth Brooks number “Victim of the Game”…lol. I was made up… ten feet tall…walkin’ on Air ….Wow! God Bless Facebook and all my Favebook Friends who were going to make me FAMOUS!!!….Heaven knows I wouldn’t forget them when I was a Star…

A little while later my plans had fallen again as Samantha had returned and unfortunately Kris apparently wasn’t available to sign or acknowledge any correspondence from fans at the time.  So reflecting,sadly, on this for a while. I had come to realize that he at least wasn’t the type of person to throw these, (valued to his fans useless to him), tokens in the bin and it only confirmed the type of guy he really is Honest and upfront. No two-facedness there, refreshingly honest, like his writing.

On entering the Olympia I again hung back and got talking to Blake and Johnny. Johnny a little shy and retiring at present Blonde hair and Ladykiller good looks that will blossom in his later teens (Go Break a Heart Johnny) but Blake has a lot of what’s going on in the World about him. A quick smile and friendly demeanour good humour flashing behind those bright baby blue Kristofferson eyes. I left the boys with my C.D. and note about my poetry draft, with Kristofferson tribute …and 16 glossy, 8 by 10 color photographs of  the crime scene …feel like Arlo Guthrie..ha ha. And feeling generous I also included a C.D. of Lady Antebellum for Lisa, who knows, having heard she was really nice, maybe she’d take pity on me and a little extra leverage wouldn’t hurt…besides I’d read somewhere that Lady Antebellum were big fans of Kris and the Road to Fame is Paved with …anything that works…lol.

Again the Concert was a blast no dissapointments and even more additional material, the man keeps giving. He lifted the crowd even further than the night before and it was appartent that he enjoys the Olympia setting immensely. A thought struck me as I knew the running of the concert It might be an ideal opportunity to catch Kris at the side door. As like the night previously, he had done a runner immediately the do had finished. With two songs to go I decided to forego the excitement of the finale and get a good place for myself at the side door…

Turns out Kris had really gone to town on his encore…no doubt trying to upstage all the material I had sent him…so I waited and waited…and waited. The big black vehicle pulled up tight to the doorway of the stage exit, leaving no room… but for a svelte 46 year old to slide on in there, up to the doorway…

With a disgruntled woman talking in my ear for the next five mins about how superstars “aint what they used to be” due to the fact that she wasn’t being allowed an audience with Kris…. Trying to appear calm and not be bad mannered and ignore her..i awaited Kris exit to the vehicle …with Album pic in hand, that he of course, was gonna sign,, with endearments to a true fan travelling to 4 concerts…who had a promising career ahead of him even in the middle years of his life….and who in fact possibly had some material that he himself would be honoured to use…lolol…if he could pin me to a reasonable sum for my material…lol… Planet Pete…lol

Just then, Applause from inside erupted even louder as it appears an internal door was opened up and ten seconds later Kris launched himself into the vehicle from about three feet back like a teenager…Got a full view of the man sitting in the vehicle but an instant later the door closed and he was off. I turned to an even more disgruntled woman at my side, night over, and obviously Kris hadn’t recognised me as he had left in a hurry…the life of an Icon I probably wouldn’t fancy it anyway…no privacy, maybe that wasn’t for me….


To be continued… 


The third concert on my road to fame 2010.


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