Twisted Torn and Broken

Nothing left Inside

Only Pain and Sorrow

And a Hurt too Deep to Hide

Lost in an Ocean of Torment

Out on the Edge of Despair

Hoping the Light it will Find you

While Only the darkness seems Near

Your Time on the Tide hasn’t Proven

The World is a Wonderful Place

But the Love in the Face of your Children

Keeps your faith in this Inhuman Race

The Road to your Future is Twisted

Temptation says “Stay in your Cave”

Your Window to Peace has been Misted

Perhaps there’s Just Nothing to Save

But the Child Deep Inside has a Right

For to Follow his Dreams and his Love

And Each Time he’s Pushed to the Ground

There’s a Hand Out from Heaven above

In Each Wonderful form it Enfolds

In a Friend or the Smile of a Child

And my Faith Once Again is Renewed

And I’m Not so Alone in The Wild

For Lindy, family, friends and my children…

A life worth living…and Hey…You too God!


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