The second leg of the tour,one week later, started off a little less spell-binding for me as I was disappointed that there was no evidence Kris had gotten my manuscript… the draft of my (soon to be famous) poetry book.

That is of course until the last hour before the Olympia Concert.

While heading in through the doorway to the event I noticed there were some vendors (two teenage kids) selling Kris C.D.’s and I bought myself a copy of the newest ‘To The Bone’ albums. Thanking the kids I made my way to Maureens Bar for a cider and ice. While all the time keeping an eye out for the Spanish lady who had made my day by sending me a front row ticket, Elisabeth Ogg. After making a fool of myself, at least twice with two different ladies…who weren’t Elisabeth, I decided enough was enough! Let’s just wait and see who she was when I sat in the seats next to her friends. She would no doubt contact me then. So hiding myself behind my new C.D. with nice Kris pic and a third, or fourth cold beer, I had myself an idea about how good it would be to have the same pic autographed. It would certainly add a little colour and sentimentality to my coveted, new C.D.

Sauntering down to my front row seat, I got talking to two people sitting in seats either side of me, who turned out to be friends of Elisabeth (a lovely, soft spoken lady and her friend Samantha who was so well informed on Kris I almost thought she was a family member…lol…forgive me Samantha.

Just prior to the show kicking off, while chatting to a lady on my right. I had the great fortune to have a conversation with a really sweet lady named Angel… with as sweet a temperament as her name.

She had mentioned, in the most humblest of ways, that she and her husband Jim were big fans and had followed Kris around the world. She confirmed to me what everyone who had met or corresponded with the guy had stated time after time, that Kris was a thorough gentleman, through and through.

On Kris arrival on stage, to a cacophony of whistles, cheers and riotous clapping, I realised, to me anyways Kris was gazing down in my direction, with that accusatory hooded eye stare of his that would unsettle a saint…

So here I am thinking…right, he’s definitely looking at me…I know!…he knows where I am sitting as mentioned in the letter accompanying my manuscript…and Hell, he’s going to mention it to the whole audience. How good he thought my ‘stuff’ was…there is a God…any second now!

Wrong!!! Ha! Ha! on reflection now I’ve come to the conclusion that he partially recognised Angel, on my right, and was wondering how much better looking her husband Jim had gotten since he had last seen him. This was confirmed to me, when, on finally spotting Jim in the audience, he enquired, “Did Angel make it to the show, tonight, Jim”. To the delight of Angel, who instantly turned beetroot red.

The night again was an absolute blast for me. Far better than the Castlebar, Mayo venue, due to a number of factors. I had met a host of my Facebook friends. The show had at least five additional songs to the prior concert and Kris was obviously basking in the warmth of the Olympia crowd, who adored him, (and it showed). Oh! and not to forget the cold beers from Maureens.

During the interval, I had a beer with Reimer, a nuclear physicist who split the atom sometime between creating the written word and writing his own, personal 60,000 word thesis on the inherent problematic, seemingly obvious solution to the unexplainable theories of quantam physics…only kidding Reimer. I enjoyed the beer!

The concert ended with Kris coming back on stage and performing an additional couple of songs than he had in Mayo.

All in all, a great show, I was really impressed. Afterwards, while waiting outside the side entrancewith Elisabeth, Samantha and Reimer (in the hopes of getting my Kris pic autographed) I learned that the two lads selling the C.D.’s were none other than Kris own sons, Blake and Johnny.

Turns out Kris had left immediately after the show and we were waiting, to no purpose. But we got a little closer as a group…

In many ways Kris has joined a lot of his fans together that way … something I have realized through Facebook…

He is like a garden of Goodness and Great Intention, that attracts only the sweetest of people inside its walls…



To be continued…




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