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LOST FOR WORDS…SUCH DEPTH OF FEELING,IS IT ANY WONDER SETHS BROTHER HID FROM THE WORLD IF HE SHARED THE SAME DEPTH OF FEELING…Heroin is a life taker, a killer, i wrote a poem on addiction as someone close was sleeping across from my flat in a flat with other addicts called Ladders & Snakes, which I’ll re-post on my Blog hopefully Seth may get to read it …


Seth Davis Branitz | Longreads | March, 2017 | 16 minutes (4,085 words)

My parents had said it aloud many times, and I had shushed them.

I was guilty of sometimes thinking it.

“Just kill yourself, or get killed quickly, and end all the mayhem.”

My older brother had been barely surviving on a destructive path for so long that sometimes I wished he would just finish it off already.

Really. It just sometimes seemed the easier way for him, and for all of us.

I had no idea how much worse his death would actually make things—how alone his death would leave me, as it hastened the additional deaths that would leave me the only remaining member of my family.

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