What Devils inside me insisted

The weak shall be lead by the strong

A labour of love torn and twisted

Oh! How can a life go so wrong

As I lie here consumed by the silence

And the sound of your breath on the wind

While the rain pours with sickening violence

Each teardrop as proof that I’ve sinned

A potion, to end all the heartache

Lies cooking right there on a spoon

Drawn deep, in the heart of a needle

Then flows, like the blood of the moon

A love lies below, in the distance

The cruel light of dawn, then awakes

Where emptiness holds no resistance

In a world, filled with Ladders & Snakes

Sweet Jesus, I’m down on my knees

With only the clothes on my back

Blinded by loss and disease

Blaming you Lord, for all that I lack

The screams of the Angels, they smother

The torment felt deep in my soul

This body lies, crippled and broken

Subdued by the weight of its toll

Oh! God, if you hear me at all

Please forgive and forget my mistakes

Each step I take’s clouded by lies

In a world filled with Ladders & Snakes

How long on the edge, can I live

An end is in sight, if I hurry

No sins nor no time to forgive

No hardship, no strife, nor no worry

Oh! Why is a picture so perfect

Only ever for  others to make

While I live in the shadow of darkness

In a world filled with Ladders & Snakes

An ode to addiction…for Seth Davis Branitz

#Ladders&Snakes  #Addiction  #ScreamsOfAngels  #BloodMoon  #HeartOfANeedle


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