How oft’ a poem has not been heard

A rhyme, a verse, a spoken word

Events to some that seem absurd

A three-legged race when your child came third

A line or two to make you smile

A day on the strand, a cruise down the Nile

A memory to keep, each fun-filled mile

To travel back in time, awhile

A phrase, a quote, a sad quatrain

Or tales of heroes, dragons slain

A lilted tune, a sweet refrain

Sometimes a poem can ease the pain

Or if you feel the need to weep

Then fill that quill, with teardrops deep

The pain doth flow, through pores that weep

In tales of woe, eternal sleep

So do your best and write it down

Help lift our spirits, off the ground

Help turn that frown, the right way ’round

Let echoes of happiness resound

An open heart, is love endured

A spell in dreams, it first occurred

The ‘gift’ gets lost, at best deferred

Don’t let that poem go unheard

So keep a notebook, by your bed

For some such thoughts may fill your head

Go dream a rhyme, creation’s bled

A verse to tease the gold from lead

Inspiration, when it comes may be short lived as in the case of my poem above and numerous other songs/poems of mine. It sometimes comes in a dream in the form of a few lines to start a poem/song … I find if I ignore the ‘hint’ then it either goes away totally or at best gets deferred and becomes a lesser inspirational piece … hence I keep a notebook at the side of the bed for such inspiration … I don’t think I’m alone in this … !!


#inspiration #apoem #aspellindreams  #teardropsdeep  #godreamarhyme


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