As search we must while on this earth

For love and truth, we’ll bathe in hurt

The answers lie within ourselves

If time we take therein to delve

For under every rock you’ll find me

Let not the chains of science bind thee

And if you take the time to look

He’s there in every written book

For in this life we live our Hell

I’ve seen my peers in torture dwell

The nature of my fellow man

Is to strive to do the best he can

No I’m not needing any proof

No miracles nor jaded truth

After all I’ve read and all I’ve seen

The truth I feel remains unseen

And if tomorrow’ll be my end

To Gods request and will I’ll bend

I’ll go with grace and dignity

I know He’s waiting there for me

So search not for what can’t be seen

As man demands a truth to glean

Look instead inside your heart

In all you’ve known, right from the start

Just know that love is in your grasp

As death expels its final gasp

That life is here and for the living

That humankind shall be forgiven

All I’ve come to realise

Is there within my childrens eyes

No need for Bibles nor Dead Sea Scrolls

The love of love’s within the soul

We’ll walk with loved ones as before

In playful dreams, friends by the score

While watched with love from all around

Blessed by His light on Hallowed Ground

So bless us Lord our souls to keep

As death it lays us down to sleep

A purer soul shall surely find

That Heavens Gates admit the blind


#Ibelieve #bibles #DeadSeaScrolls #HeavensGate #UnderEveryRock


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