Bacon The Pig Goes To The Club

The name’s Bacon, Chris P. Bacon …

Aoibha Walsh

After sitting on the stool for quite a while, sipping on lemonade I thought of something to do for the rest of the evening. I thank the bar manager and get on my way to a tourist post. It had all the main tourist attractions. The first one on it really caught my eye. Club Crispy. My evening instantly began to plan itself out on its own.

I apply some sunscreen as my pink skin is beginning to get a little bit burned. Can’t complain. how bad is it to get a tan? I get on my way, putting my shades on. You have to look cool to go to a club. I walk along the promenade. Lots of other pigs seem to be heading my way too.

As I near the club, I can hear the music blaring from the outside. My favourite pig rave song was playing. ‘Yeah’

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