Oh! please, please, hear me, listen

See me, shackled to the dirt

Won’t you loose these chains, that bind me

To a life, of pain and hurt

Sing me sweetly, to my slumber

In the darkness of the night

As my nightmares tear asunder

The resolve, left in my fight


Help me, hold it all-together

As the reins, slip from my hands

Tears of sorrow, wet the leather

Only You, Lord, understand

If You show me, what’s before me

Will I fear the broken truth

Will a wave of hope, restore me

To the glory of my youth


Am I worthy, of a mention

As in awe, of You, I stand

Will you part my sea of sorrow

Smite my giants, with Your hand

All the rapture of the living

Lies, entombed, among the dead

The promise of the Gold to be

Lies sleeping, in the lead


As a candle, burning brightly

Is mis-shapen, over time

Will You hold me all- together

In Your tenderness divine

Though, I Thirst and I am Hungry

In a Soul, that’s growing, cold

I’d not sell You, for their Silver

Nor, betray You, for their Gold

When we feel down sometimes for no apparent reason, or for all the reasons in the world  we need a prayer that means more to us than those we’ve been taught to recite by others …


 #prayer #SmiteMyGiants #faith  #TearsOfSorrow #betrayal


3 thoughts on “AM I WORTHY

  1. A favorite of mine…when I first read this it touched me so deeply that I hand wrote it so I could read it whenever I wished. I keep it on my art table and read it often…it still gets to me every single time. THAT is a mark of a great piece, to me anyway. Beautiful.

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